And Beyond!

OVER NIGHT RENTAL - extend the usage of the equipment past Midnight. The equipment will be picked in the morning after the event.

COST: 49.99

SECOND MONITOR - add to any of the karaoke rentals.

COST: 49.99

PROJECTOR with 4' SCREEN - add to any of the karaoke rentals.

COST: 49.99


COST: 49.99

ADDITIONAL PAIR OF SPEAKERS Recommended for larger Venues

COST: 39.99

BACKGROUND MUSIC VISUALIZER Music visualization projected onto a 6 by 10 feet rear screen (excellent for projecting karaoke songs or as an add-on to DJ equipment)

COST: 99.99

Wii CONSOLE Package Includes:

COST: 99.99

decorative notes

Wii CONSOLE EXPERIENCE Package Includes:

COST: 299.99


COST: 29.99

CUSTOM PLAYLISTS We can create an index to a selected group of music files (up to 40) that you request using our digital jukebox software. This assures you that when your party starts, the music you want to hear is ready.

COST: 19.99

(NOTE: for requested Karaoke selections that are not currently in our catalogue, there is an additional charge of $1.25 per song)